March 19, 2021

DigitwithWill The Adventure Continues

DigitwithWill The Adventure Continues

This week I chat to dig it with Will 

Now why would I interview will again so soon after our last chat well for two reasons firstly we have had some feedback from the last chat that we didn’t go into enough detail in the vanquish which we did in this one believe me and secondly as coincidence would have it both Will and I started our journey in creating content for the metal detecting community within days of each other so to make that occasion I thought it would be cool to circle back to Will so we could celebrate together hash tag anniversary Episode.


Also just to give you a heads up as it is our 1 Year anniversary make sure to listen to the next week for details on how to enter my monster Giveaway where I give away an equinox 600 to one of my lucky subscribers any ways on with Will and the Show.

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