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Great information

This is a very good podcast. Some humor but not a lot of unecessary talk. Usually straight to the point and the information is great. For a beginner like me it has been a lifesaver of information.

Great Metal Detecting Podcast w/ a European view

Im new to detecting so I’m soaking up all the information I can. I like Kiran’s easy style & delivery with a bit humor too. I highly recommend giving it a listen and see if it fits for you. I’ll be subscribing. Dave in Eastern PA.

Great Podcast

I really enjoy the podcast. It’s very informational on several topics. I do like hearing a detecting podcast that doesn’t just talk about YouTube and finds that someone made. It really covers the topic of metal detecting very well. I honestly wish that sometimes the episodes were a little bit longer sometimes. Still 5 stars.


Succinct, knowledgeable and fun

One of a kind.

Love the show!

Awesome show

I always learn something new in each show, I can’t wait for the next episode!!!! 💍💍💍


As the title suggests, I’m a new detectorist. I had been looking for a show that was straight to the point on the topics covered. Ciaran gets the job done without the unnecessary chatter getting in the way of the knowledge. I have subscribed and am enjoying the show. It’s great learning from his experience! Thank you

Insightful and entertaining!

Only discovered this podcast last week and am already 25 episodes in, Ciaran is a knowledge, interesting guy who has a clear passion for the hobby, which comes through in the podcast clearly. His episodes are insightful and entertaining, each covering a different topic or sometimes speaking to another person involved in the hobby, all wrapped up in a condensed format, which is perfect for me. Hope to see this going for many years to come. Cheers! (p.s) I love the tech time out Jingles.

Great podcast

Following Ciaran’s advice has helped me land some great finds! Great show format too

Great Podcast!

Thanks for your efforts making yours stand out from the crowd of sameness out there.

The best metal detecting podcast

This is my favorite podcast for metal detecting. Growing up my family had an old metal detector that was probably designed for finding land mines. I’m wanting to get a new metal detector and begin the hobby of metal detecting. Before making a purchase I’m trying to build my knowledge. This channel provides so much knowledge without a bunch of fluff. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and passion with everyone! -Jason Baker

Great information!

I just purchased my first detector a few days ago. I am very impressed by your podcast! I can tell you have a strong passion for the hobby. Great tips and well thought out format. Love the humor too. Thank you for producing great content. I am eager to learn more. Found my first find in the backyard tonight - a U.S. nickel. Very fun! Can’t wait for the weekend!

Awesome Podcast!

I’m glad I stumbled across this. It well put together, clear and executed perfectly. Happy hunting!

My Irish Brother from another Mother across the Pond

Ciaran, I have to say, I am fully blaming you for my new addiction to metal detecting, Yes!! , it’s your fault now.. lol. Your podcast was the first one I came across while looking for videos/podcasts about metal detecting and I must say, Please keep up the great work! Your casts get to point and provides solid information and tech info about the hobby that is very useful and understandable! The next time I’m in Europe(and who know when that will be with the COVID monster lurking) I definitely would love to detect in Ireland. As for my detector? Simplex all the way! The second day I had her I found a three ringer .58cal Civil War bullet in my backyard(I live in West Georgia USA), so we are fortunate with the area and relics, but, are nothing compared to the relics and coins you find over across the pond. So to sum this rambling up, Keep up the great work and a deep thank you for providing a great source of info!!!

Great content !

I have listened to several other podcasts about metal detecting and they were ok. I was getting tired of listening to 4 people trying to talk over each other and terrible audio mixing. That’s when I found the Metal Detecting Show. The content is easy to follow, interviews are clear, and it doesn’t take hours to get the content of one show. Ciaran is always improving the show, and the topics and flavor are what I was hoping to find. Keep it up!

Great Metal Detecting Show...

Great Metal Detecting Show.... I love the “to the point” format. I’ve lost interest in many MD-ing shows because they forget their audience and they drone-on with with uninteresting banter. Many other shows really could be edited down to a much, much shorter in length podcast using just the subject matter that is pertinent to the hobby.