May 20, 2022

New Detectorist Looking for........

New Detectorist Looking for........
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NEW DETECTORIST LOOKING FOR......................

The week we talk about New detectorist looking for... Threads online and how they remind me of old lonely hearts ad's and how they potentially are not the best start for you into the hobby

But before we start I want to thank you for listening to the podcast and I hope you enjoy the episode this week If you want to support the show there are many options available from the links in the episode notes below and if you want to interact with me and the show that information is there too but most importantly If you like this content please don’t hesitate to tell your friends and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button.

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Hey everybody, welcome to episode one hundred and seven of the Metal Detecting Show podcast. My name is Ciaran and I have been metal detecting now for thirty years. This week, I answered the Internet's most common questions asked on forums, normally starting with new detector looking for So let's get on with the show. 

Hey everyone, Before we start, I want to thank you for listening to the podcast and I hope you enjoyed this show this week. But before we begin, I want to give you to follow on information. 
If you want to give me feedback or interact with the show, please reach out to me on Twitter @detectingthe or Instagram "theMetaldetectingpodcast. Or if you want to pop me an email, you can do so at ciaran @ If you'd like to buy me a coffee, you can do so on buy me coffee dot com slash metal detecting and lastly and most importantly if you like this content please don't hesitate to tell your friends. And don't forget to hit that subscribe button. 

Hey everybody, I hope you had a great week this week. Big family event this week in the Martin household so it's been all hands to the pump painting, cleaning, power putting all my finds in line of sight just so someone will ask a question. What's this one Ciaran Well, funny should ask this blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. 

Okay, so this week's topic is taken directly from the forums. Now, to start, I am terrible re forums. I'm terrible on the Irish forums, I'm terrible on international forums I am very much a lurk. I know if I started commenting more on forums and interacting more forums, that the podcast would have twice as many listeners, but I'm okay with that. I am not consistent with interacting with people on form. So dame are are very accessible. 

So let's start with the most common new detector questions on the forums. Now the reason I'm looking at these because every time I see them to remind me of the old classified ads that you used to see in local papers back in the day. New detector looking for a single light female. To hold hands and have a meaningful for relationship. 

New detector looking for lady to clean my house. New detector looking for man to cut my grass, to sort thing. Every time I see them my got, I put that voice on in my head, lose to detector. Looking for buddy in Ohio. Now, there's nothing wrong with them. I'm just that's the voice I put my head but there's three very common ones so we'll start with the one that generally triggers me the most when I see it. And that is new detector. Looking for a detector friendly area to hunt. Now why would this trigger me? Well let's break it down a little bit. New detectors okay, the new person in the hobby is looking for a detector friendly area to hunt. So this is an area where they're allowed to hunt by law an area where there is no fear of public persecution. An area where they don't have to ask for permission. And an area where they don't have to know the law. So I've got to break down each of these individually. So let's start with the fear of public persecution. Anybody asking this question, first thing I go out does fear fear of public persecution. All the eyes are looking at me. Why they ask me these questions? What if they asked me a difficult question? I'm not sure if I'm meant to be here or not. That's what I read from that question. You're afraid of people looking at you asking you difficult questions and you're not sure if it should be there, right there's also a tone of detector friendly areas to hunt. So that means that says to me that this is Someone who is looking for somewhere to hunt because they don't need to ask for permission. Again fear fear of no time of asking for permission getting in no fear of rejection. It also says looking for a detective friendly area to hunt not knowing where to hunt art how to research a site or not willing to do it. Essentially not knowing the laws or local laws or where the can can't. I kind see this question as the easy way out and to avoid doing all of the above. Interacting with the public, getting the nose avoiding doing some research and avoiding understanding what the local laws are. I mean, the fear of no, what's the worst that can happen? If people are looking at you, what's the big deal I guarantee the one person you see looking at you do ten other people that you don't see. Embrace it. Listen, metal detecting is weird. Where grown adults or kids even probably grown adults with inner kids. Digging around in the dark looking for something that potentially could be worth something, but ninety nine percent of the time is not worth anything. It is weird. It's a weird hobby it's a weird thing to look at so people are gonna look so just get over it. Let your freak flag fly. People giving you the eyes either. In en or it's just not your problem. Just let them blockages, it's not a big deal. The fear of no or the fear of rejection This is a self of confidence thing. You clearly haven't invested any time in your youth trying to pick up a partner. You haven't had enough rejection in your life. Rejection is a tough one. Every rejection you receive accumulates it chips away your self confidence. But when talking the about detecting, the rejection normally comes from a place outside your control. Say for example, in Ireland, it's very hard to get permission ireland. For insurance reasons, farmers have difficulty due to suspicion of letting people on their lands due to eight hundred years of oppression quite britain. Generally yeah, there is a problem with farmers or landowners letting the public under their land in Ireland. So it's very hard to get commissioner here. And it could be the same for you. So don't take rejection in metal detecting personal. Believe me, landowners have bigger problems to deal with than you won't even remember you in five minutes after you've given the all. But you probably carry that rejection around with you for the rest of the day if you let it. So you gotta to remember to reset. They've got their reasons and there's nothing personal and there's nothing to be afraid of going out asking for permission. Another facet of that question is not knowing where to hunt. I do cut some slack here that haven't cotton down to the fact that research is the biggest part of the hobby but that will come time, I suppose and probably exactly what forum are for. But a better plan would be to join a local and history group on Facebook or in person to get some local information. And I suppose the final breakdown of that detector classified as not knowing the la. Sometimes when I see this type of stuff online, I think this question could have been answered with a simple Google search. Now and it's not coming from a place of your inferior to me is just coming from a place of maybe understanding the internet and and answers to these questions are out there and you don't need to ask the question again. Especially if you follow the metal detecting show podcast. But yeah simple Google search can normally answer most of these. Especially when I see questions like anybody know what the law is in some random county. County in Utah. I don't even know if Sat Lake is a county new top I definitely silly. Why would you take legal advice? From somebody on a form. The answer here always go to your local county office to get the actual law and understand how they interpret it not how Johnny Big Balls and understands the law on a form. Another new detector is classified that we see regularly. New detectors looking for experienced detector to show the ropes or to hunt with. Classic classified question. This is kind of a lazy first step into the Hobby ask and this it sounds to me like I tag along let you get all the permissions do all the work? I know that's not the intention, but that's how they read. And the only way this will bear fruit is that you happen to know an experienced detector and they know you from something else. No experienced detectors is going to bring a stranger, especially somebody met on the form onto his permissions. It's just not going to happen folks unless there's some quid pro quo and it's just not going happen for so many reasons. Personal security, resource security, permission security, reputation security because honor and none. And the final one that I do approve of the question on the form, however, it's a question that can never be answered through live form. New detector looking for a detective club. I like this one, and sometimes I'd love to help out but can't it's very pro information. So requires some luck with someone else knowing the answer. And unfortunately, one hundred times out of a hundred these go unanswered. This the wrap off metal detecting is a great hobby, but there a few things that are difficult to navigate at the start. And unfortunately asking these new detectors classified seeking help or permission. We're all really excuses to just to avoid the null I will never bear fruit and set you up for failure at the start. My advice is an always will be. No the law, don't be afraid of no. And if you're looking for an experienced hunting body, you need to bring something to the table yourself. And that's for this week guys i hope you liked this episode of the metal attack, check out our website w w w dot com for this episode show, check out our Patreon page if you want to help the stay alive or just want to buy me a coffee. If you want to buy me a coffee, you can do so at me dot com slash metal detecting. If you want to support the show via Patreon, you can do so on patreon dot com slash the metal detecting show. Once again, if you like this content I would like more, please don't hesitate to tell your friends and don't forget to hit that subscribe button. Hope you've enjoyed the episode this week and we will chat you all again next week. Get out there, ice down, Good luck and happy hunting. New detector looking for a new detector to pinpoint. Looking for partner to pinpoint with his new detector.