Aug. 26, 2022

The Mystery of the lost Pin Pointer

The Mystery of the lost Pin Pointer
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The Mystery of the lost Pin Pointer!

I'm back this week with a brief update and an opinion or two about Legend Equinox and Deus II Comparisons.

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Hey, everybody. Welcome to episode one hundred and ten of the metal detecting show podcast. My name is Kyron, and I have been metal detecting now for nearly thirty years.

This week, well, here I go all again on my own. We're back. Everyone, before we start, I want to thank you for listening to the episode this week. If you want to interact with me on the show, you know how to do it.

We're available on Twitter at detecting there. our Instagram at the metal detecting podcast, or if you just wanna pop me an email like so many of you did, at

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Awesome. I know I know I should give up the podcasting game and go into lounge singing. But yeah, I'm back.

Things have settled down. I've decided to get back on that horse. I come back to you guys and get on with the next season of the Metal Detection Show podcast. I have possibly about thirty two episodes lined up which is great.

But this week, I wanted to just give you a quick update to what I've been up to for the last three months. Well, I went off and I started up that business. it's going. I'm not saying it's going great.

I'm not saying it's going well, but it's still going, you know, more than that at a later date. I finished off my VW camper van, which is great. I took the family off or along, need a trip to Florence in Italy.

We drove three thousand and seven hundred and eighty five kilometers round trip. Stop the New York, Disneyland, underway. You know, did all those things that I'm lucky enough to be able to do. So did that, it was great.

Exhausted after it. And we've we've kind of been driving around with the camper brand really for the last, as my grandfather said, we've been camping the last ten weekends, we have been camping in the campground.

So it's been great. It's been really good, really good family time, really good hate space time, and I've really enjoyed it. but now the kids are going back to school, carry on is getting busy working.

So now it's time to get back onto the podcast. So like I said, this week is just a few quick updates. Next week, we will be back to normal in our regular schedule.

Next week, I'm starting off with an interview with Delac from Nachte, who's gonna obviously talk about the legend and the simplex, I'm gonna press her on a few updates on the gold cruiser, the impact in Vineyard.

Obviously, the pulse type and the amphibious multi and the Mimi and the Mimi hoards. Just looking for updates on all those products were marked. and any other news or any other update she wants to give us.

But, yeah, I'm really looking forward to that interview for next week. So make sure you come back next week to listen to that. As you can hear, there's new music on the podcast trying out some new things.

If you like it, let me know. If you don't like it, let me know, and I'll go and change it. any of the news, metal detecting news, I suppose, from a personal point of view.

I don't know if you remember earlier on in season one, but it's all season one, really. But earlier on in year one, I lost my Garrett Pro Pointer, and I figured at the time I lost it while walking off the beach and I was got it.

I did a whole episode about it. I had to adapt the knocked macro pulse type, which is great. By the way, I love it still and I was still using it. But it turns out my wife was going up into her left, pulling out all our camping stuff.

And she pulls out this black, phthalic looking thing. She says, what's this? And I said, that's my Garrett Pro Pointer that I've been looking for for the last two years.

Where did you get that? And turns out, and I knew this. My wife is a bit of a magpie, and she found it lying in the car, and she talked, I don't know what it is. but that'd be great for camping. And I was like, what the hell?

I've been looking for this. Pulling my hair out. I was looking for this for years. And she goes, oh, yeah. Yeah. And I've got this as well. And she pulls out three, not one, not two, but three letterman tools.

That I thought I'd last over the years. And also, and I fixed a tool kit that she bought me for Christmas about two years ago, that she saw on the table and she said, you know what?

I thought to be handy for when we were both camping. And she put it all away and left. I have to admit.

I lost my mind over that I fixed it to a kit because I had been going around going crazy looking for that to fix some stuff. and accusing the kids of taking it out onto the into the words playing with it, the whole life.

So I had to eat some humble pie there and apologize to my children. who I accused of stealing it. But, yeah, it turns out my wife is a magpike just like me and Needless to say, if I like Christmas, all I won't go.

All of a sudden, I went from having no Garrett Pro Pointer, no Ifix two kit, and three lettermans to having three lettermans that I fixed two k and our car pro pointer all at one go just before we had enough camping.

It was like Christmas had come. It was brilliant. So what has occurred in the metal detecting universe since I did my update?

I think it was June sixth, I think was the update. And I know at the time XP had announced the DS two. Naphtha had announced the legend, but nobody had actually had them in their hands yet.

And, you know, I've been watching this with interest as people have started doing comparisons and reviews of the legend and the chaos to and obviously the comparisons to the Nux eight hundred.

And I suppose I'll I'll put a little bit of an opinion out there right straightaway. I'll I'll nail my colors to the mask on this straightaway. And I think you'll know what my colors are because I've said this several times before.

The detector doesn't make good detectors. the detector is like a musical instrument. If you're able to play it well, you'll do well. And it doesn't really matter what detector you have.

Right? However, there's people making comparisons of a NOx eight hundred, which is retails approximately a thousand dollars, comparing it to the legend which retails at seven hundred and fifty bucks.

And an even comparing it to the deus two, which is sixteen hundred bucks. And if this, in my view, is an unfair comparison, obviously, XP believe the day s two is a high end of quality to push it up with that price point.

Nachtat are doing what Nachtat always do and fair play to them for trying to give all the features at the best value, which is brilliant.

And then, of course, you've got mindlab who have laid the way I suppose with the Equinox eight hundred with the multi frequency C i q.

Just be wary of anybody saying that one is better than the other because, realistically, they're comparing apples and oranges and it's not a fair comparison to compare each Each of those detectors should be looked at in isolation and taking price into account, taking in technology used, you know, where it was manufactured, everything into account.

Okay? I do feel is a bit of confirmation purchased by us going on. People have paid big bucks for a day s two.

They want to be able to say it's the best thing out there. just like when the Equinox eight hundred came out and people paid thousands of books or they wanted to say it was better than everything else.

So I do think there's a little bit of confirmation bias going on. should you upgrade entities? Sure. If you're into the hobby, if you if you really want to, do you need to?

I wouldn't think so. I've seen some guitarists play some fabulous music on some broken down all pieces of shy guitars and it doesn't make a difference really at the end of the day.

Now, I am looking forward to see what my lab come over. They are long overdue. I've emailed them and emailed them looking for any clue, any sorta little inkling that they may have something come out, but I've gotten nothing.

It's almost like there's that information silence going on. But what do I suspect? Or what would I love to come out? Come out. I would love it if they lock the CTX and Equinox eight hundred.

Lock them in a room together, and force them to produce a love child of a CTX with multi frequency IQ. and a better battery. That would be amazing to me now. That would that would be chef kiss for me for that to come out.

Be in a mine left hand by. Now I have to admit, my aria has been turned by the d s two and the legend at the minute, so I'm looking forward to get my hands on those and trying them out.

But I've always been a mine laugh fan boyfriends back in the day and, you know, I really want to see what to come out with next.

And, you know, that's it really for this week. brief a brief short update episode. Just to let you know things are getting back to normal next week with an interview with Delek from now.

Who's gonna talk about the simplex and the legend. And you know what, guys, that's it this week. If you have any ideas for topics, I know a few of you have sent me in topic ideas.

Send them on. I have quite a few lined up, which is great. I spent, you know, the time off thinking of things to be able to do. I've I've I've captured that list.

So anything you want me to discuss, let me know. So we like like I said, we've the leg coming up. We're gonna do a mental health episode. We're gonna do a map re reading episode. We're gonna try in it a few a few more detectors.

Obviously, I wanna do a DS two review and a legend review. And then I I want to do a feature series around ground balance, multi frequency, discrimination, all that stuff. Obviously, equipment review and equipment update.

I'm really starting to get the horn for underwater detecting, so I'm taking that jump now this year to get out snorkeling and do some detecting in the water. Let's hope no Japanese trawlers stick a harpoon to me.

You know, and and pinprinter spin techniques all that stuff would be coming up again. So if you have an idea for something that you want me to cover again, let me know more than happy to do so.

And that's it for this week, guys. I hope you like this episode of the metalcasting Show podcast. Don't forget to check out the website, w w w dot metalcasting Show dot com for this episode show notes.

Check out the Patreon page. Check out buy me a coffee page at forward slash metal detecting. If you'd like to leave me a voice mail, you can do so on speak pike dot com.

If you feel like taking your appreciation to the next level, leave me a positive review about more than partly. Like in subscribe, tell all your friends, and get out there guys, eyes down and happy.